As shopkeepers we like things steady and smooth. We are always planning ahead and making decisions that feel right to us. That way we're only taking small risks at a time. But you can never play it safe; turbulence is a fact of our business life...and flying! And we do love to travel – sometimes that only means longing for a journey. Either way, we love to do it in style.

The Resort Issue is all about wanderlust, travel dreams and pop of color. We want to take you for an adventure full of bright prints, delicate silks and smooth flavors. Not to forget all the pampering that we always look forward to on a holiday!

Sometimes it's fun to dress according to the culture. If you leave for a city getaway be practical with basics. But if the destination is warm and sunny don't be afraid to choose all the colorful things from your wardrobe. Spring is a flirty season so why not play along and feel bohemian in a romantic lace blouse. Let your everyday style have a vacation too.

This spring is still a tribute to the 70's but in a more feminine and sensual way. The focus is on the waist. Try A-lined skirts or wide legged pants. Sailor style buttons in front give them a nice new twist. Complete the silhouette with a fitted top. 

Want to stand out in the crowd? Choose romantic and flowy maxi dresses in pastels or bold prints. Or try the new take on stripes. Now they come vertical as well!

Colors to fall for this spring are cream, cool cognac, palest pink, light grey melange, navy blue and hot red. Step out of your comfort zone or mix and match with your go-to colors.

SOFiNAH Shop is packed with fine fashion stories. We are located in Helsinki Finland and our handpicked selection includes clothing, accessories and make-up from international labels, with high quality, esthetics and ethical values in common. They are wardrobe favorites with a soul. We ship world wide so feel free to visit our web shop.

Hop on and join the ride in Life by Sofinah!

xx, Annika & Thia

THE RESORT ISSUE: Summer vibes

THE RESORT ISSUE: Summer vibes

Delicate pastels, bohemian jewelry and cool shades are all a big part of spring and resort collections. We picked out for you the most interesting must haves of the season.


First thing you notice is the incredibly well designed packaging. The beautiful boxes combine the trendiest colors: petrol, saffron, silver, orange, navy and pink. But what's inside is even more intriguing.

Jane Kønig's jewelry is whimsical yet delicate. We especially love the star sign tags with long necklaces in either rhodinated silver or plated gold.




The French brand Le Mont Saint Michel knows how to make a gorgeous dress. This refreshing style takes on the classic little black dress look amazingly. Chili red is the hottest color of the SS16 season. Wear it with bare legs on a holiday or combine with skin colored fishnets.

The beautiful cut makes your shoulders and posture look fabulous. This versatile knitted A-lined dress in viscose and nylon will make you stand out! Finish the style with some bronzer and laid back hair.



Aiayu clutches are made of the same luxurious cashllama material as the knits we love so much. The black one comes with a metal chain to wear cross-bodied if desired. Put together a simple outfit with a crisp Aiayu shirt and trendy shades. 




Dogeared is known for its goodwill jewels. This season they add even more of that Californian style. The bohemian jewelry combines silver and gold with colourful threads, tassels and beads. The style is simple and free spirited.

These necklaces and bracelets are the perfect way to bring instant summer vibes to your outfit!

Dogeared will always design with the planet in mind. Every jewel is infused with positive energy and handcrafted in the Southern California studio.



Le Specs has a new line of luxury sunglasses; Le Specs Luxe. They come in a stylish white leather box and the materials are top notch. The regular line is full of cool options as well. You can find futuristic shapes, metal finishes and mirror lenses in both of them. This season embraces the statement shades!


THE RESORT ISSUE: Bohemian Rhapsody

THE RESORT ISSUE: Bohemian Rhapsody

There is nothing more relaxing than wearing a light maxi dress on holiday. Feeling the sea breeze on the delicate fabric and looking fabulous without any extra effort. On the other hand printed maxi dresses are the fastest way to achieve a holiday mood – even if you are home. 

The feminine and floaty nature of these Lily and Lionel dresses bring together comfort and timeless 70's style.

The truly phenomenal collections are ethically produced in India. The unique designs and unquestionable high quality have provided the next 'must haves' for any style seeker. 




Lily and Lionel was founded by London Collage of Fashion graduate Alice Stone. An on-going family heritage within the textile industry, combined with her love of fashion, has allowed Alice to create a gorgeous selection of artistic scarves and beautiful clothing. Alice's grandparents – the original Lily and Lionel – established the family roots within fashion during their early years. Lily was a dressmaker who had a strong talent for design, creating, and making all of her own clothes, whilst Lionel supplied apparel to some of London's most glamorous stores. The success story continues now for Lily and Lionel, with high end stockists like Harrod's and Liberty's.


THE RESORT ISSUE: California dreaming

THE RESORT ISSUE: California dreaming

Succulents, cactuses, sandy tones and soft suede. California dreaming is so easy these days! Decorate your home to look like a bohemian desert and dress accordingly. We love MDK's new fringe mini skirt paired with Rails denim shirt for a relaxed look. Finish the atmosphere with Laboratorio Olfattivo's Agrumeto room diffuser – the perfect choice for a world traveller.

THE RESORT ISSUE: Get sunkissed

THE RESORT ISSUE: Get sunkissed

While waiting for the summer to give you that sun kissed look you can easily cheat a bit with these seven steps:

1. Use un cover-up to get an even skin tone with the skin2skin foundation brush. For a super glow mix it together with the newest RMS product, the amazing rose gold Master Mixer.

2. Put Burity Bronzer on your forehead and cheeks – using the skin2skin blush brush horizontally!

3. Put the bronzer also on your eyelids and almost up to the eyebrows with your fingers.


4. If you want or need you can fix this make up with the un powder to get rid of extra shine during the day.

5. Use the new Master Mixer or the classic Living Luminizer to higlight your features. Use it under your eye brows and on the highest part of your cheekbones as a triangle outside your eyes and also in the inner corner of your eyes by using the brightening brush.

6. Mix your favorite lip2cheek with the bronzer to create a more shiny lipgloss.

7. Lots of mascara will give you seductive eyes...

Your sunkissed look is completed with a big smile a l'a Jenna, our model and co-worker.

Makeup by Susanna Back


THE RESORT ISSUE: Eat your greens

THE RESORT ISSUE: Eat your greens


Green smoothies are an excellent energy boost and a safe way to detox. Enjoy this fresh drink for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. 



1/2 avocado

1 sweet pear

300 ml almond milk

1 handful baby spinach

1 tsp matcha powder

2 pitted dates if necessary

5 ice cubes

Spoon the avocado into a blender. Peel the pear and slice it. Add almond milk, baby spinach and matcha powder. If you have a sweet tooth you might want to add two pitted dates into the mix. If your almond milk contains sugar the dates aren't necessary.

Add ice cubes and blend for a few minutes until smooth. Enjoy while cold.

serves 2

THE RESORT ISSUE: Great Escape with Jolie Spa

THE RESORT ISSUE: Great Escape with Jolie Spa

Each season we want to recommend some of the greatest places in our neighbourhood. This time we picked our favourite place for ultimate relaxing, Jolie Spa.

Jolie Spa uses amazing natural cosmetic brands for a luxurious treatment.

Jolie Spa

Kalevankatu 17 B, Helsinki Finland

+358 50 326 3111



”A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear."

– Someone really wise –



Please remember that all orders from our shop come gift wrapped for a little everyday luxury.

THE HOLIDAY ISSUE: Hello from Sofinah


SOFiNAH Shop is packed with fine fashion stories. We are located in Helsinki Finland and our handpicked selection includes clothing, accessories and make up from international labels, with high quality, esthetics and ethical values in common. They are wardrobe favorites with a soul. We ship world wide so feel free to visit our web shop.

We wanted to create this small seasonal publication to let you in on the lifestyle we lead. We are joggling between family life and working as shop keepers. That's why we want to live, breathe and move in our outfits – and look great at the same time! Our message is to have fun in life and try to enjoy every day just as it is!

In this first issue we wanted to introduce our favourite material of the season and tell you how to take the best possible care of your knits. We welcome the 70´s silhouette while feeling calm and relaxed in super soft and cozy items. We have chosen a few ideas for Christmas gifts and picked the key items of the holiday season.

Because life is also about indulgence, we have included a few recipes. Raw chocolate truffles are a perfect tv snack. (We are currently hooked on Narcos and Downton Abbey! Not to mention all those movie favourites from our youth: City of Angels and The Witches of Eastwick.)

All the pieces in our shop need to work well together. That means picking a harmonious colour palette and silhouettes that flatter one another. We are constantly looking for new and exciting brands so we can provide fresh ideas and small surprises to our lovely customers.

We hope that you will enjoy Life by Sofinah!

xx, Thia & Annika



Looking for the perfect present? We wanted to make things easy for you and suggest a few of our favourite items this season. Spicy perfumes, sleek jewellery and warm knits are all dreamy alternatives for the most sought after Christmas gift.



This Italian fragrance works its magic on the skin. Its elegant, exotic and warm notes are perfect for cold winter evenings. Intensive yet subtle fragrance feels luxurious to wear and looks stylish on the night stand.

Alambar is perfect for those of you who love spicy scents; amber, bergamot, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon are an intoxicating mix. 



Cluse watches are minimalistic and elegant timepieces perfect for people who want different options for different occasions. 

The strap can be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your watch. Choose soft brown leather for the day and sharp metal for the evening.

The watch features a 38mm case with either black or white dial and gold, rose gold or silver details.



Soft package for Christmas   yes please! French brand Le Mont Saint Michel is famous for its vintage inspired knitwear with a cut that is right on trend. However, the brand doesn’t do fashion for fashion’s sake, it’s not a slave of the latest trends. It’s about creating a timeless look that can stand the test of time. Pair this classic alpaca mix dream with your favorite jeans for a country chic look or dress it up with an A line skirt.




What goes around comes around! Karma necklace is a reminder to keep the circle positive and loving. Dogeared jewels have been handcrafted in California for over 20 years. Talk about good karma!



Positive thinking leads to a happy life. Mantraband is all about promoting optimism. The delicate and lightweight bands are fully adjustable, made with love and support Girls for Chance organization.


Winter is all about soft materials and knits. We love a brand called Aiayu which means soul in the indigenous language of Bolivia and describes so well what it is; products full of soul and love from its origin. Aiayu's products are made of cashllama, eco friendly llama fiber which feels as luxurious as regular cashmere — with a good conscience!


Aiayu was created out of just one material and one producer. Always striving for the best and keeping the concept simple and transparent. The designs are new classics, lasting long beyond fashion, colors and shapes. Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest. The company is rooted in love for quality and sustainability, with a mission to create rich and durable products with an extraordinary story.


When you purchase a garment like this you want to keep good care of it. Great news! The llama fiber is a self-cleaning fiber, which requires less washing than other materials. Simply airing your garment after use will save resources and is often enough for a fresh start. We love the simplicity of this fine material.

However, if washing is needed a high quality wool and silk detergent is best for maintaining the characteristics and flexibility of the natural fiber.

It is also important to keep the temperature of the water cold throughout the washing to avoid stressing the fiber. It is possible to wash your Aiayu garment in the washing machine if you have a gentle, low cycle wool program. Don't go over 30 degrees.



THE HOLIDAY ISSUE: Organic face lift

RMS Beauty's Living luminizer is the key element of this party season. It can be used multiple ways to give your face a healthy glow and a natural facelift. This product has a very subtle shimmer and it's not glittery, sticky or greasy. Best of all, the satin pearl finish is suitable for all skin tones. This certified organic product contains natural coconut oil and beeswax. Scroll down for some tips on how to use the product!


Apply a thin layer all around your face. Living luminizer can be applied with your fingertips. Follow with foundation for a radiant sheen and healthy looking glow.


Living luminizer can also be applied on top of your foundation. Make your cheekbones stand out, highlight the bridge of your nose or get fuller looking lips by applying it on the cupid's bow. You can even add some glow on the inner corners of your eyes.


You can mix Living luminizer with your favourite lipstick for a shimmery mouth. Or use it as it is to enhance your natural pinkish lip colour without an over the top baby doll effect. A nice bonus: coconut oil is very nourishing so this is a great option for cold winter months.


Perfect your evening look by adding a hint of the luminizer along the shoulder blades and collar bone.


THE HOLIDAY ISSUE: Warming treats

Warming chai is an excellent winter drink - and an exceptional Christmas gift! All you need is sheer cloth and some thread to make the most beautiful tea bags. Start by cutting the cloth into a 8x20 cm piece. Fold it once to get a 8x10 cm sized bag. Sew the sides together. Apply the tea and close the bag with thicker thread.

Serve the chai with some home made raw chocolate truffles. Bon appétit!




10 tea bags:

1 dl (1/2 cup) black leaf tea

1 tablespoon grounded ginger

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon grounded cinnamon

20 black peppers

20 dried cloves

20 dried green cardamoms

10 dried star anis


hot water

milk of your choice



Mix the tea, ginger, cayenne pepper and cinnamon together in a small bowl. Divide the mixture into the tea bags. Add 2 black peppers, 2 green cardamoms, 2 cloves and 1 star anis to each bag.

Fill half a cup with boiled water and add one tea bag. In the meantime warm some milk of your choice. Remove the tea bag and pour the milk to make a full cup of chai latte. Add a bit of honey.


3 dl (1½ cups) raw walnut halves

1 dl (¼ cup) cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon teaspoon fine sea salt

15 soft dates, pitted

1 tablespoon of coconut flakes

Additional cocoa powder for coating

Grind the walnuts into a fine meal in a powerful blender or food processor. Add in the cocoa, salt and dates and pulse until it forms a thick dough. Scoop the batter into a bowl and add the coconut flakes. Roll small truffles between your hands. Roll them in the additional cocoa powder and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Store the truffles in the freezer.

THE HOLIDAY ISSUE: Mat, a great eatery

Each season we want to recommend some of the greatest places in our neighbourhood. This time we picked a small eatery called Mat & Ruokakauppa which can be found in the design district Punavuori, in Helsinki Finland.

Mat & Ruokakauppa serves great buffet lunch and delicious baked goods such as cinnamon buns and fresh bread. We are impressed how many gluten free options they have. They also handle catering so if you need some help with your holiday parties we can recommend their service!

Creativity and innovative culinary ideas are Mat's specialty. Or what do you think of flax seed scones topped with ginger fried sharon, apple, clementine and cashew cream? Delish!


Mon-Fri: 8.30 am  6 pm

Sat: 11 am  4 pm, Sun: closed


Iso Roobertinkatu 20-22, Helsinki Finland



”In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years."

– Abraham Lincoln –



Please remember that all orders from our shop come gift wrapped.