SOFiNAH Shop is packed with fine fashion stories. We are located in Helsinki Finland and our handpicked selection includes clothing, accessories and make up from international labels, with high quality, esthetics and ethical values in common. They are wardrobe favorites with a soul. We ship world wide so feel free to visit our web shop.

We wanted to create this small seasonal publication to let you in on the lifestyle we lead. We are joggling between family life and working as shop keepers. That's why we want to live, breathe and move in our outfits – and look great at the same time! Our message is to have fun in life and try to enjoy every day just as it is!

In this first issue we wanted to introduce our favourite material of the season and tell you how to take the best possible care of your knits. We welcome the 70´s silhouette while feeling calm and relaxed in super soft and cozy items. We have chosen a few ideas for Christmas gifts and picked the key items of the holiday season.

Because life is also about indulgence, we have included a few recipes. Raw chocolate truffles are a perfect tv snack. (We are currently hooked on Narcos and Downton Abbey! Not to mention all those movie favourites from our youth: City of Angels and The Witches of Eastwick.)

All the pieces in our shop need to work well together. That means picking a harmonious colour palette and silhouettes that flatter one another. We are constantly looking for new and exciting brands so we can provide fresh ideas and small surprises to our lovely customers.

We hope that you will enjoy Life by Sofinah!

xx, Thia & Annika