Winter is all about soft materials and knits. We love a brand called Aiayu which means soul in the indigenous language of Bolivia and describes so well what it is; products full of soul and love from its origin. Aiayu's products are made of cashllama, eco friendly llama fiber which feels as luxurious as regular cashmere — with a good conscience!


Aiayu was created out of just one material and one producer. Always striving for the best and keeping the concept simple and transparent. The designs are new classics, lasting long beyond fashion, colors and shapes. Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest. The company is rooted in love for quality and sustainability, with a mission to create rich and durable products with an extraordinary story.


When you purchase a garment like this you want to keep good care of it. Great news! The llama fiber is a self-cleaning fiber, which requires less washing than other materials. Simply airing your garment after use will save resources and is often enough for a fresh start. We love the simplicity of this fine material.

However, if washing is needed a high quality wool and silk detergent is best for maintaining the characteristics and flexibility of the natural fiber.

It is also important to keep the temperature of the water cold throughout the washing to avoid stressing the fiber. It is possible to wash your Aiayu garment in the washing machine if you have a gentle, low cycle wool program. Don't go over 30 degrees.