While waiting for the summer to give you that sun kissed look you can easily cheat a bit with these seven steps:

1. Use un cover-up to get an even skin tone with the skin2skin foundation brush. For a super glow mix it together with the newest RMS product, the amazing rose gold Master Mixer.

2. Put Burity Bronzer on your forehead and cheeks – using the skin2skin blush brush horizontally!

3. Put the bronzer also on your eyelids and almost up to the eyebrows with your fingers.


4. If you want or need you can fix this make up with the un powder to get rid of extra shine during the day.

5. Use the new Master Mixer or the classic Living Luminizer to higlight your features. Use it under your eye brows and on the highest part of your cheekbones as a triangle outside your eyes and also in the inner corner of your eyes by using the brightening brush.

6. Mix your favorite lip2cheek with the bronzer to create a more shiny lipgloss.

7. Lots of mascara will give you seductive eyes...

Your sunkissed look is completed with a big smile a l'a Jenna, our model and co-worker.

Makeup by Susanna Back